You know you’re living too close to town if …

One of my heroes – Edward Abbey – coined a phrase back when that I have carried with me always… Cactus Ed said “if you can’t pee off your front porch you’re living too close to town”.


Well… I have this skin issue for which sun does wonders.  Recently our little farm was blessed with a sunny day, so I thought this was the perfect time to get to work on that new hog pen I had been procrastinating on for a long time…  And in the process I could get some much needed sun.


Well… The location of the new hog sanctuary was a ways from the house…  and I forgot my cutoffs.  So, being too lazy to go back to the house…  I decided just to strip down to my boxer shorts and boots…  and get to fence building.  And I had the pleasure to go about my duties with no disturbance or peeping neighbors in any way!


So, in the spirit of my hero Ed… I’m going to add another good example of living this backcountry life… Which is…  If you can’t build fence on a sunny day in your boxer shorts and boots… You’re just living too darn close to town.






Spring 2015