What’s Available



Butcher Hogs

We have Berkshire and Berkshire crossbreed butcher hogs available throughout the year sold as whole or half carcasses. These animals can be processed in USDA facilities for restaurant use, or via the custom butcher shop of your choice. Check on current pricing.

Meat Packs – $170 each

(*all weights are approximate and subject to availability)

The Flathead Pack (Sampler Pack) ~13-15 lbs

  • ~2 pks pork chops (2-4 chops per pack) – approx. 2 lbs of bone in or  ~1.3 lbs boneless
  • 1 pk ribs (spare or country style)  – approx. 4 lbs
  • ~4-6 lbs bulk Italian sausage or country breakfast sausage
  • ~1 lbs of bacon
  • ~2 lbs pork steak

Going to the Sun Pack (Breakfast Pack) ~15 lbs

  • ~2 lbs bacon
  • ~3 lbs pork steak
  • ~10 lbs Italian sausage, breakfast sausage or unseasoned ground pork

Cascades Pack (BBQ Pack) ~13-15 lbs

  • ~4-5 pk chops (~4-5 lbs bone in or 2.5-3.5 lbs boneless )
  • Spareribs or country style ribs or pork steak (~4 lbs)
  • Sausage/ground pork (~5-6 lbs)

Bear Bait (camping) ~12-16 lbs

  • 2 pks Bacon (~2 lbs)
  • 2 pks Chops (~2-4 lbs)
  • Pork Steak (~2-4 lbs)
  • Sausage/ground pork (~6 lbs)

Daily Grind ~12-15 lbs (This pack is $130)

  • Sausage
  • Ground pork

Just Wild ~10-17 lbs

  • Jowls, hocks, neck bones
  • Heads, miscellaneous cuts
  • Sausage


Breeding Stock

Our Berkshire breeding stock originated from the very top breeders in Iowa. These Berks are bred to have reproductive rigor … to be able to produce high quality meat producing pigs outside in the often harsh conditions that exist here in the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies.

We select the very best animals in litters to be sold as breeders and make these available throughout the year.

Weaner and feeder pigs

We sell weaner and feed pigs throughout year.