About Us

At Wilderness Farms, we raise purebred, heritage Berkshire hogs. All of our Berks are registered with the American Berkshire Association. We sell the superior meat products related to this breed, and offer some outstanding breeding stock for sale from time to time. We’ll always bend over backwards to help young folks through local 4-H and FFA projects as well – it’s part of our heritage!

We raise our Berkshires naturally outside, in the open air of Montana and Western Washington where they have plenty of room to be themselves – the animals we have fallen in love with due to their great dispositions and individual personalities. We raise our animals with respect, primarily in small groups involving individuals that grow up together. Berkshires are smart, social animals and we think these things matter. We feed only locally raised grain and hay products (no animal by-products) and use no artificial hormones or growth stimulants in our operations.

Wilderness Farms involves two farms – one located in Western Montana near Bigfork, and another in Western Washington state, near the community of Enumclaw. Presently, our Berkshire breeding operation is conducted in Montana, and we use our Enumclaw property to raise feeder hogs for sale in the Northwest and overseas. We also raise some feeders in Montana for sale in that region.

The Owners

Randy and Dawn Riviere have 64 years of combined experience in various aspects of the food processing industry…  And we’re not even that old yet!!!

Dawn Riviere has over 35 years of experience in food technology, HACCP, Quality Systems, Research & Development, and Technical Sales.

Zachary Riviere is in college pursuing an education in Computer Science and Engineering.

Randy Riviere is an award-winning wildlife biologist with over 20 years of experience working closely with the agricultural industry. Much of these efforts involved working to exemplify the environmental potential of farming and ranching operations. Randy is also involved with the music project Mad Buffalo – www.randyleeriviere.com.