Welcome to Wilderness Farms

Thanks for stopping by our new website…we appreciate it!

If you care about the type of food products you put on your family table, you’ve come to the right place. If you own and/or prepare foods for a restaurant, and are interested in providing your patrons with the very best quality food attainable, you’ve found the right website. If you are a small farmer interested in raising some awesome heritage animals and producing superior meat products for your family/friends, we’re glad you stopped by. If you’re a young lady/man learning the finer aspects of animal stewardship through your local 4-H/FFA group, we’re very glad to see you here.

At Wilderness Farms, we don’t have any hard-fast business plans or ultra specific niches we’re trying to fill; we just raise animals we’ve come to care about very much on the land we love. We want to share these Berkshire hogs with you as we work hard to help improve/preserve the breed. If profit was a sole goal, there are probably myriad better ways to achieve that than through small farming. I have found in my many years working as a wildlife biologist with ranchers and farmers of all stripes, that we farmers have an unwavering connection to the landscape and the environment as a whole. We are truly environmentalists – and very practical ones. This land is our home, and we’re excited to be sharing it with these Berkshire hogs. We hope to have the opportunity to share all this with you as well.

Randy Riviere
Wilderness Farms