That music thang … and other diversions

Yeah, I fool around in the music scene then and again… my connection to what’s inside – what’s outside – what’s on any side… so I’m headed back to Nashville late summer for another project.  I have the great fortune of playing with some of the awesome folks, so it’s way fun.

Raising hogs is a perpetual every day – every night – in the rain – in the snow – in the wind – in the mud – in the dusty old dust slog … then add the marketing, meat processing/deliveries (we’re into this with restaurants pretty heavy these days) and all the miles running around the west … it takes its toll.

So, darn it … I’m going to have some fun this summer!   I am.  I really am.  I’m not going to be dissuaded – talked out of it – diverted – sidetracked – thwarted – or shanghaied into anything else.  Yes, you beautiful Berkshires, we’ll still get those decks and roofs built as promised, that will get done but you’re not going to see the old guy every day – every night – in the rain – in the snow – in the wind – in the mud – or the dusty old dust … so just deal with it.  You’ll have to be hogs alone with your thoughts.  Of course someone will feed and water you … don’t worry!

It’s summer!  Take it in.  Bask in all its glory …  I’m going to do it!   Yes I really am.

I’m also going fishing.  Yep.  There’s a lot of water coming down country this year so the streams will be in better shape longer … I bought this old Alaskan camper and I’m gone … I’m going where the cell phones don’t speak and spook the trout I seek.   Yes I am.  I’m also going to do some WA surf fishing … that bold quest for the mighty red-tailed perch.  I grew up doing this in extreme northern CA and passed the adventure onto my family.  Now there’s the lazy approach with the lawn chair and 12 pack … maybe an umbrella for the dog mainly … sunflower seeds, cold hot dogs, lots of water/diet pepsi … then there’s the red eyed hunter approach … out in the surf casting like you would go after trout in a stream … lots of fun … but never ever never turn your back on the ocean!!  Did I say never do it?   I mean it.   If you want to go to Japan, book a flight.

So … I’m gone.

Enjoy our awesome summer here in the NW.  You (we) deserve it!